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Available Job Opportunity At Flow Equity

Founded in 2010, Flow Equity (or the “Company”) is the leading dual-purpose poultry (DPP) company in sub-Saharan Africa targeting the growing demand for protein among the mass market at the bottom of the pyramid.

In 2020, the group distributed over 24m dual-purpose day-old chicks (DOCs) to smallholder farmers in Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Uganda through its subsidiaries EthioChicken and Uzima Chicken.

Having proven its success in these markets, Flow Equity aims to replicate its unique business model in multiple new countries over the next several years, and is seeking a capable and enterprising Managing Director to lead its market entry in Ghana in 2022.

Flow Equity’s purpose is to make rural households healthier and wealthier through poultry. Its primary product is the high yielding SASSO dual-purpose DOC, which it sells in a package including feed and vaccines to its network of trained Agents in rural areas who grow the chicks for five weeks to produce healthy, vaccinated pullets and cockerels that are then sold to rural smallholder farmers (SHFs).

With the right poultry breed, rural households can increase their annual earnings, build income resilience, and introduce larger volumes of complete protein into their daily diets.

The Company has strong financial backing from world-class impact investors and institutional capital.

Position Summary

The Managing Director is responsible for day-to-day operations of the business to achieve key business results, representing the business to government and other critical stakeholders, and execution of the Company’s strategy as determined by the Regional CEO and Board of Directors.

The Managing Director is in charge of operational planning, budget and strategy execution, cost management, policy and protocol implementation, and leadership development.

Duties And Responsibilities

Market Entry

  • Adapt last-mile distribution model to the local context (product package, pricing, distribution model), considering consumer preferences and considers competitive landscape
  • Recruit and hire a pilot team to launch a business within the first 3 months
  • Define and measure Key Performance Indicators for launch; monitor and report weekly / monthly KPIs to Board and Regional CEO
  • Develop and refine budget / financial forecast based on launch experience
  • Collaborate with Regional CEO to develop market expansion and scale-up strategy

Operational Management

  • Day-to-day overall management and administration of the business
  • Planning, tracking, and measuring progress against organizational goals
  • Oversee risk management and legal activities: letters of agreement, contracts, leases, and other legal documents and agreements
  • Ensure compliance with internal Company policy and government regulations where required
  • Oversee the smooth day-to-day teamwork and communication among sales, production, finance, and human resources
  • Ensure timely and accurate reporting on key business metrics to the Board and Regional CEO
  • Develop highly performing and collaborative leadership team
  • Ensure key personnel are in the right positions and are coached, trained, and professionally developed to ensure their success
  • Oversee implementation of industry best practices and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) across functions to improve productivity, quality, service, and profitability
  • Oversee the execution of key infrastructure upgrades and developments

Financial Management

  • Manage overall company financial position and risks, including fundraising and risk management
  • Allocate human and capital resources to achieve strategic objectives
  • Balance sufficient short-term performance with long-term investment requirements
  • Develop and implement actionable, detailed operational budgets which enable the Company to meet its strategic and financial targets and optimize resource allocation
  • Identify cost-saving and revenue improvement opportunities across the business to ensure efficient use of Company resources and maximize profitability
  • Administer the budget on a day-to-day basis and hold managers accountable to budget and target achievements
  • Recruit and work closely with Finance Manager to implement internal financial controls, policies, and practices
  • Ensure that relevant financial data is presented to the Board and Regional CEO

Leadership & Stakeholder Management

  • Recruit, lead, manage and motivate the team to achieve company goals
  • Promote Flow Equity’s vision and values, keeping the customer and mission at the center of the organization
  • Represent and advocate for the Company among key government decision-makers
  • Be the face of the Company with the local community, ensuring strong corporate citizenship
  • Make regular travel in the country get firsthand exposure to market dynamics and provide supportive supervision for a team
  • Communicate proactively and transparently with Board and Regional CEO, leveraging the skills and expertise of Directors and Advisors to improve business performance
  • Manage relationships and reporting with key external partnerships, including local bank partners and foundation program officers

Qualifications and Behavior Traits Required

  • Passionate about positively impacting smallholder farmers and customers in rural areas
  • 3-5 years of relevant work experience in East and/or West Africa
  • Strategic thinker, yet detail-oriented
  • Strong executive, able to effectively plan, communicate that plan, and delegate to get major initiatives done through others
  • Oversee multiple complex projects through to completion
  • Excellent time management capabilities
  • Thrives in developing and implementing process and policy
  • High emotional intelligence and cross-cultural communication ability
  • Demonstrated ability to lead, coach, and manage a team
  • Analytical and data-driven problem solver
  • Ability to get themselves and others organized in a disorganized environment
  • Cost and efficiency focus
  • Passion for excellence


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CLOSING DATE: February 11, 2022

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