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Call For Application At WSUP

Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) is a not-for-profit company that helps transform cities to benefit the millions who lack access to water and sanitation.

We were created in 2005 as a response to the unprecedented urban explosion that has left cities unable to provide basic services, such as access to a toilet or drinking water, to low-income communities. We work in seven countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, supported by an office in the UK. Since inception, we have helped over 29 million people access improved water, sanitation and hygiene services.

In Ghana, WSUP has implemented programs in Kumasi, Sunyani, Accra and Tamale, as well as multiple adjacent peri-urban areas. For more information on WSUP’s vision and approach, see

Job Description



A. Introduction to WSUP and the Consultancy Assignment

Sustainability remains a challenge for water supply systems in Ghana particularly peri urban and small towns, resulting in non-functionality of most of the water points and systems and others needing repairs. WSUP, with support from Cargill Currents and GWC, is implementing a project, entitled “Building community resilience for sustainable water supply in small towns.

WSUP will work in four communities in the Bibiani Anwiaso Bekwai municipal assembly, to provide access to safe and affordable water supply. These communities are evolving from rural communities to small towns and peri urban areas. The nature of the communities means that rural water systems that once served them are no longer adequate to address their water demands. The lack of access to safe drinking water is driving communities to use unhygienic and unsafe sources including streams and rivers, in some cases sharing water sources with cattle and other animals. This has resulted in increased outbreaks of waterborne diseases such as typhoid.

B. Objective of the Consultancy

WSUP is seeking to hire a specialist consultant and/or agency to support the installation of 4 boreholes and small networked water supplies in 4 locations in Western North Region of Ghana, and to train the community management structures for onward operations and maintenance of the systems. This will include Feasibility studies, collection of baseline data and detailed engineering designs, contract documents preparation, procurement and supervision of contractors, in Western North Region of Ghana, the specific project locations are: Nzema Nkwanta, Lineso, Adupri and Donkorkorm.

The overall objective of the project is to provide improved water supply through the construction of limited mechanized pipe water systems to the communities, supervised under a financially sustainable community management model. Community engagement and sensitization campaigns will be undertaken to educate the communities on hygiene and the importance of paying for improved water services, thereby increasing willingness to pay for water to ensure consistent operations and sustainable water service delivery. Project stakeholders will include community leaders, community groups and cooperatives, municipal assembly officials and regional Community Water and Sanitation Agency office (CWSA).

A specialist consultant or consultancy agency is required to undertake hydrogeological and ground water feasibility studies to assess the availability of potable ground water supply. These studies will contribute to a design package including design of networked water systems for the each small town. Additionally the consultant will supervise drilling, development and onward construction of the water systems ,facilitate the establishment of community management teams and will plan and deliver the training of community management committees in the four target areas.

C. Tasks

Task 1: Inception Activities and Feasibility Study (approx. 20 days)

The consultant will present a brief preliminary report not more than 5 pages to the client within 5 calendar days of the contract signing. The report shall detail the understanding of the assignment, proposed methodology (data collection, analysis process and tools and engagement of stakeholders), team composition with clear roles and responsibilities and the plan of action for accomplishing the task. The preliminary report should also provide summarized preliminary findings based on the following tasks:

  1. A review of key project documents
  2. Community entry and district Assembly visits and engagements.
  3. Carry out a social, economic, cultural, political and geophysical analysis of target area to inform the design required for a sustainable ground water supply services.
  4. Conduct water quality tests on existing water sources in the communities.
    Production of a conceptual design for a mechanized borehole system for each target community.
  5. Undertake baseline and technical feasibility studies for each town including data on:
  • Baseline studies
  • Hydrological studies
  • Water resource report
  • Demand model report
  • Feasibility report with standard design options
  • Feedback from the stakeholders on design proposals

To undertake this activity, the consultant shall obtain all relevant documents from WSUP, CWSA and the District Assemblies.

Task 2: Designing the piped water systems (approx… 10 days)

  1. Preparation of drawings of piped water system layouts, designs of public standpipes and storage units for each of the 4 communities.
  2. Production of detailed bill of quantities and specifications for each system (hard and soft copies). The soft copies of the Bill of Quantities shall be in MS Excel.
  3. Organize a series of community and District stakeholder review of the respective designs, drawings and layouts for comments and inputs.
  4. Prepare a financial model that details projection revenue and O&M costs over a 5-year period to establish if revenues generated will be adequate for O&M of the facility.
  5. Prepare O&M instructions for the operations and maintenance of the facilities

Task 3: Prepare and lead tendering process (approx. 10 days)

  1. Finalize the preparation of all tender documents for the hiring of a contractor (firm) for the borehole drilling and development, as well as the construction of associated piped water networks.
  2. Facilitate the procurement of contractor in collaboration with key project stakeholders.
    An evaluation report of tenders received will be submitted to WSUP for review and approval.

Task 4: Construction supervision

  1. Supervising the contractor throughout the construction process to ensure that all design requirements and specifications are complied with.
  2. Organize and preside over site meetings
  3. Provide WSUP and stakeholders with monthly reports on the detailed progress of work specifying any current issues and risks to completion on time and within budget
  4. Assess construction work, agree corrections where necessary and certify contractor’ payment requests on work done in consultation with WSUP.
  5. Conduct post construction water quality tests
  6. Ensure that fully completed and functional limited mechanized water systems are handed over to the project stakeholders and the Community management committees.
  7. Prepare and submit a final report
  8. Develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) with community management committees and provide training.

Task 5: Form and train community management committees (approx. 5 days)

  1. The consultant will facilitate the formation of community management committees in each of the four communities to oversee the management of the water systems.
  2. The selection and confirmation of members should be done in line with CWSA guidelines and criteria for community management schemes.
  3. The consultant is required to prepare training materials and conduct training for all community management members, district water and sanitation team members and water vendors selected to man the standpipes.
  4. Training materials will incorporate the O&M manual produced in task 2, and SOPs produced in task 4.
  5. The consultant shall prepare and submit a training report 3 calendar days after the training event.

D. Key Outputs

Key deliverables for the consultancy are provided below:

Report: Technical feasibility and design report

  • comprehensive preliminary report with feasibility and baseline data,
    detail of engineering designs, drawings and layouts for the water system in the 4
  • communities

Document package: Tender dossier

  • Complete tender documents (hard and soft copy) – which must comply with the public procurement act of Ghana (ACT 663). Including the following (not exhaustive)
  • Instructions, Specifications, Bill of Quantities
  • Draft Contract and Forms of Agreement
  • Drawings, designs

Operations and Maintenance manual

  • Including SOPs

Report: Monthly supervision reports, and final completion report

  • Including site meeting notes, water quality testing results, issues and mitigating actions

Report: Training and capacity building report

All reports shall be submitted in draft for review by Client. The consultant is expected to address all concerns raised by the parties before the report can be finalized and accepted.

E. Client focal point

The contract manager for this work will be the WSUP Ghana Programme Facilitator. WSUP’s Country Manager has overall responsibility for WSUP’s Ghana’s programme.

F. Assignment duration and approximate timing

The assignment is expected to commence in late January 2021 through to November 2022, with all deliverables expected by 5th November 2022.

G. Estimated Cost : GHS 150,000.00

H. Mode of Payment

WSUP will pay the consultant

  • 20% Report 1(Preliminary/inception report)
  • 30% Report 2 (Feasibility and design report)
  • 30% Report 3.( Contract documents, procurement and supervision of contractors)
  • 20% Report 4. (O&M manual, SOPs, training and completion reports)

How To Apply

WSUP invites interested consultants to submit their detailed proposals covering the points outlined in the ToR and accompanied by the following application documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) for each of the required personnel maximum 3 pages per CV. A detailed proposal including methodology
  • A work plan and schedule for carrying out the consultancy with an expected commencement date.
  • A financial proposal to be quoted in Ghana Cedis. The proposal shall include all costs relevant for the implementation of the assignment, including the following –
  • Vehicles/Transportation
  • Personnel
  • Stationery
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • All other relevant costs

Submission Process

Bids including all the above components should be submitted to, before 17:00hrs GMT on the 14th January 2022.

Note that late arrivals will not be considered.


B.   Evaluation criteria

The bids will be evaluated using the following criteria;

Evaluation Criteria for Technical and Financial Proposals Maximum score
1.    Adherence to bidding requirements 15
2.    Capacity and relevant experience 20
3.    Quality of the methodology proposed 20
4.    Quality of key CV’s 15
5.    Value for money 30
Total 100


WSUP reserves the right to negotiate the scope and pricing with the selected consultant to best ensure that these services will be delivered within the available budget and time. Consultants may wish to propose different approaches that will deliver the required benefits for WSUP whilst remaining within the budget available.

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