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Ghana Civil Service (OHCS) 2023 Recruitment Open

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The Ghana Civil Service online application portal for the 2023 recruitment is now open to the general public.

About Us

The Ghana Civil Service is the single largest employer in Ghana. The service was established to replace the Gold Coast Civil Service. The mission of the Civil Service, as stated in the Civil Service Law, 1993 PNDCL 327, “is to assist the Government in the formulation and implementation of government policies for the development of the country. https://www.ohcs.gov.gh/


For the purpose of achieving its object under the law, the Service performs the following functions-PNDC Law 32;

  • Initiate and formulate policy options for consideration of government;
  • Initiate and advise on government plans;
  • Undertake such research as may be necessary for the effective implementation of government policies;
  • Implement government policies;
  • Review government policies and plans;
  • Monitor, co-ordinate and evaluate government policies and plans;
  • Perform such functions as are incidental or conducive to the achievement of the object specified in this Law, and
  • Perform such other functions as the Executive may direct.


PNDC Law 327 (7) of 1993 mandates the office of the civil service to undertake the following:

  1. Ensuring efficiency of the service;
  2. Having charge over all Civil Servants
  3. Ensuring effective implementation of government policies and plans;
  4. Advising government on employment and policy formulation within the Service;
  5. Advising on conduct of management audits and review, and
  6. Determining and advising on manpower limits for the Service.

How To Apply

To submit your application CLICK HERE TO APPLY ONLINE

Deadline: 30th June 2022

Spread With Family and Friends


  1. I will be glad if I get employed am an SHS graduate and am looking forward to work as a civil service agent

  2. I am a degree holder (BSC in ACCOUNTING) and I really need a job
    I would be very grateful if you add me to your list.

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